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SBNS-SPAM AND Virus Filtering (SAVF)

SAVF is a service that keeps distracting and dangerous e-mail from getting into your network.

Spam is a nuisance for most people these days, and can become a crippling problem for people who depend on secure lines of communication with their associates.  SAVF allows you to reach your desired e-mail without having to filter through the sea of unsolicited advertisements and outright scams.

Besides filtering for spam with an engine based on the award-winning spamassassin, our servers also filter your mail through a rigorous virus scan, and will not deliver mail unless it is certified virus-free.

Is your computer really important to you? The hardware and software are easily replaced … but not the data that you and/or your employees spent countless and valuable time collecting and creating. Keeping out unwanted virus infected e-mails, and potentially unsafe SPAM mail is a must.

SBNS-Backup wants to partner with you to provide you with secure dependable e-mail.  Whether you are a Student, Individual, Small Business Owner, IT Manager, Consultant , or an Office Worker, we have plans that fit your needs


  • Very Affordable
  • Free Customer Support
  • Easily setup for hosted POP3, or your internal mail server.
  • Web-Mail for users who are not in the office, but require company e-mail.
  • Domain Web hosting, Domain Hosting also available
  • Our service is fully guaranteed


Filtered e-mail for the entire domain  (Up to 20 Mailboxes)             $45/monthly
(Free Web hosting included with this)
Web Hosting (a-la-carte)                                                             $15/monthly
Domain Hosting                                                                         $35/annual


Installation generally requires a change of your MX record to point to our servers.
Our servers will either host your mail (up to 20 mailboxes), or redirect it to your mail server.
POP3 e-mail clients will need to be setup to work with the new mailhost via SSL-POP3 (port 995).
Our staff is able to assist with any or all of the necessary setup.

19363 Willamette Dr. #141, West Linn, OR 97068 - Ph: (503) 803-1621 - E-Mail:

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